Academic Clubs

Literary Club

Endeavour! Engage! Experts!
The club aims to foster a love for language and provides an avenue for self expression beyond the school curriculum through a host of activities like extempore, creative writing, quizzes, elocution etc. The major objective is to develop and hone the LSRW skills of each individual.

Nature Club

Explore! Experiment! Experience!
The deep exploration in the club creates relationship with plants and animals for life. Experimental way of learning helps to analyse and come to conclusions with a hands

Needlecraft Club

Envision! Enwreathe! Elicit!
The core concept is to combine the beauty and power of traditional techniques such as embroidery, tie and die, block printing etc. and apply to modern Apparel & Fashion design

Performing Arts Club

Enjoyment! Expression! Enthusiasm!
The club focuses on building confidence, creating artistic awareness and developing life long skills in children through dance, drama, music etc.

Cookery Club

Encourage! Enhance! Enrich!
The club activities encourage the kids to develop an interest in cooking and enhances their skills on how ingredients can be combined to prepare healthy meals. This helps in enriching their knowledge of eating right.