At Shree Jee International School, your child benefits from a curriculum that is defined by self – learning. Inquiring, seeking answers, challenging facts and drawing his own inferences, each child finds freedom as well as requisite guidance to chart his unique learning path with joy and ability.

Curriculum Perspective

In the primary years (3 to 5), the child gradually takes center stage in the learning process with a certain degree of readiness to be accountable for his learning curve. In the middle years (grades 6 to 8), the curriculum fosters an approach where the child is ready to lead and structure his own learning with confidence and ease At ShreeJee, we challenge each student to develop intellectual independence, creativity and curiosity with a sense of responsibility towards others, both within the school and in the community at large.

Learner Centric Curriculum

The ShreeJee International School curriculum is an amalgamation of best practices from India and abroad and is further adapted to its Indian context. Using content maps for each subject, learning goals for each child and a set of summary sheets and lesson plans for each subject, the curriculum guides the child to realize his true potential. A Summative Assessment at the end of the session systematically tests development and growth achieved in the year gone by. This process helps both the child as a learner and the teacher as a facilitator to further plan learning goals for the year to come.