At a Shree Jee, students get a chance to get involved in a variety of activities and get hands on experience day in and day out. Our students add to life of the school. We understand that few years that a student spends with us would ‘shape or break’ that individual, so there is great power and greater responsibility in the hands of the School. The emphasis is to make it an interesting, unforgettable experience, where students become a part of the school’s community and can involve in a variety of activities, initiatives and celebrations with loads of fun.

Visual Arts

Drawing, Painting, Sculpting & Craft

Performing Arts

Dance (Indian, Western), Music (Vocal, Instrumental) & Theatre (Hindi, English)

Sports & Games

Athletics, Aquatics, Gymnastics, Combatives (Boxing, Taekwondo) Football, Hockey & Basketball

Life Skills

Aeromodelling, Book Binding, Carpentry, Fabric Technology, Gardening, Metal Work & Screen Printing

There’s lot to

For each student at Shree Jee International School, distinct houses bring forth a set of attributes and values that the child associates with and nurtures within himself. Distinct however they are, these attributes inculcate the spirit of inquiry, independence of thought and self learning.