40+ Activities &
Extra Curricular

At ShreeJee International School, we help students explore and uncover the various facets of their personality. They are inspired to take risks, to excel and to be more. Students get to pick from a host of sporting, creative and life skills activities designed to nurture physical, social and emotional well being. A vibrant co-curricular life engages, liberates, invigorates and motivates. There is so much more to discover and choose.

Children at ShreeJee International School find many choices to expand their knowledge and skills beyond their text books. This helps them channelize their creativity and intelligence. It also develops their personality holistically. Above all, it makes school a fun place to be.

  • Learning Beyond Books
  • Growing Up The Fun Way
  • Taking Initiative
  • Working In Teams
  • Understanding Various Issues
  • Learning New Skills
  • Increasing Confidence
  • Making New Friends


Aero Modelling, Book Binding, Carpentry,
Fabric Technology, Gardening, Metal Work,
Screen Printing


Drawing & Painting
Sculpting, Craft


Dance (Indian, Western) Music (Vocal, Instrumental)
Theatre (Hindi, English)


Athletics, Aquatics, Gymnastics Combatives
(Boxing, Taekwondo) Football, Hockey, Basketball, Horse Riding

Games and Sports

“A healthy body houses a healthy mind” – The school fully believes in this maxim. Hence ample resources have been made available for the physical fitness of the students. Apart from a sprawling campus spread over 12 acres, facilities for the various Sports and Games are available in the school.

Visual Arts

Art – Children portray their imagination on paper in form of modern art, figurative drawings and landscapes. The splendour of splashing colours has always been a visual feast to all and our students excel in playing with colours from all the sorts ranging from crayons to oil paints.

Craft– Simple but attractive items are prepared by the children upto class VIII which have a magnetic charm. This activity teaches the students ingenious ways of cutting, wrapping, covering, gluing paper, card and fabric to provide a wide range of decorative items.

Dance – In our school various types of Indian dances are encouraged-Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kathak and folk. Dance is a language of words and ideas, not localized but expressed though the magic of gestures and vivid expressions.

Western Music– Besides learning English songs the students are also trained in the finer concepts of western music. Besides participating in the inter school competitions and all important school functions the students in this activity have a special role to play during Christmas celebrations.

Photography – In this activity, the students are taught all the aspects of photography i.e. holding the camera, taking accurate photographs, developing and printing them. The students are encouraged to take the photographs of all the school functions and competitions thus finding an opportunity to find express their creative talents.

Nib Painting – Nib painting is a very simple art which is easy to learn, yet the results are artistically marvelous and flawless. To begin with, the cloth has to be framed. Then we start of from the top and paint using the nib. We pick up the colour on the nib and then by pressing and bringing it down we colour the cloth. Thus a beautiful painting appears on the cloth.

Stain Glass Painting – Beautiful paintings are made on glass sheets. First a glass is outlined and then a design is traced. After that special stain glass colours are filled in. The paintings are framed in many different ways.

Music – Under the SPIC MACAY Scheme organized by the music department we have a rendezvous with the famous artist and eminent classical singer .

Fine Arts

Carpentry – In this activity the students take great pleasure in making beautiful and useful pieces out of plain wood. Items like book racks, tables and chairs, tools, bangle stands, bangle boxes and various wooden utensils are prepared as skillfully as professional carpenters.

Aeromodelling – The students regularly put up a display of miniature dynamic models of real aircrafts like simple chuck gliders, control line models, and tow line models under the guidance of our able instructor.

Metal Work – It is all about making beautiful designs on sheets of metal and decorating them in different ways with the use of aluminium sheets, metal screws and paints our young talents work wonders.

Printing – The students begin with block printing, thread printing, leaf printing and by the end of the year learn the intricacies of spray printing and screen printing under the guidance of the teacher.

Other Activities

Biological Science – The students work on projects like the model of DNA of human body, viruses, bacteria and internal system of the human body, with the introduction of Bio-technology, this activity has attained a new dimension.

Chemistry – The students try to unfold the mysterious world of chemicals. They try various concoctions to discover something new. The children prepare a wide range of cosmetics like beauty soaps, creams, hair removers, hair oil and shampoos. Many products of domestic use like detergents and pesticides are also prepared.

Computer – Computer science in our school is both a core subject as well as an activity. Information on new techniques of networking, latest development in peripheral devices, languages etc are made available to the students. The students show extreme felicity in preparing programmes and high-tech software.

Creative Writing (Hindi & English) – This activity gives a new approach to writing. It provides a wonderful opportunity to get maximum exposure to a wide array of genres modes and approaches to writing. The most remarkable contribution of this activity is the school chronicle. Besides, the news letters are also published quarterly.

Environmental Science – An awareness regarding environmental protection and sustainable development is to be created among our students. The study of E.V.S. is incorporated as an essential part of learning in our institution. The students in the activity get together to learn about environment guidance of Mrs. S. Pandey and Mrs. A. Tewari. The students are motivated to participate in various environment related projects.

Geography Modelling – The varied landforms, the atmosphere, the oceans etc have undoubtedly caught the imagination of our young students. The Geography modeling activity is essentially a creative activity, where the students make miniature forms of the geographical features under the guidance of Miss A. Goel and Mrs. S. Narain. Discussions are held to comprehend the unfathomable secrets of Mother Nature.

Physical Science – Physics is the science which finds applicability in almost every aspect of human life, be it falling of an apple, rising of tides in the sea, or the launching of the rocket. To induce the young minds to develop a scientific temper of physicsmodels, projects and experiments play a vital role. The activity is also handled by Mrs. D. Bhargava.

German Language – It is the fourth most widely used European Language. We are proud of the fact that we have introduced German Language as an activity in our school. Our school. Our activity teacher Dr. (Mrs.) P.Srivastava explains the appropriate usage and characteristics of the language.

Yoga and Aerobics – This activity includes stretching excercises, body postures and balancing poses to make our body flexible. In yoga the students practice several yogasans like padmasana, bajrasana, ushtasana, gaumukhasana, which enrich the activity sessions.

Home Science – It gives training to young students on how to manage the daily affairs, the smallest tasks and how to do simple household work on their own.

Electronics – Armed with creativity and inquisitiveness the students create various gadgets like the fortune teller, remote control projection, automobile fountain, music system.