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THINK. BECOME. Dancer, Doctor, Astronaut, Engineer, Sailor, Entrepreneur, Painter-what was your dream when you were growing up? Did you dream of climbing mountains, studying insects or discovering a new planet? Did you want to be the Prime Minister of the nation?

It all starts with a thought. Thoughts make us who we are. They enable us to become who we want to be.We all grow up with dreams of the future. But are we able to realize them fully-is the question. Do we find the means and the resources to become who we thought we should be?

Welcome to Seth M.R. Jaipuria School. A celebration of the power of the mind. Where thought find expression in action, questions discovers their answers and ability is transformed into achievement. After all, this is not just a school. It is an experience that inspires young minds to think, enquire, explore and experiment. It is a research lab that equips them with tools to practice and learn.

At Jaipuria School a world of opportunities help your child to truly become-who s/he wants to be. COME AND DISCOVER.