Mr. Shiv Shanker Awasthi

Mr. Shiv Shanker Awasthi



Welcome to Seth M. R. Jaipuria School, Kanpur Road Campus, Lucknow!

Jaipuria is led by dozens of exceptional visionaries who have always remained concerned about developing next generation thought leaders. The commitment of the House of Jaipuria to provide superior quality education has only deepened and grown over the last seven decades, developing leaders who have proved their mettle in all walks of life.

A true leader is a liberated thinker. The process of liberation begins when you start to think for yourself. When you think you learn and you imbibe new thoughts and perspectives. This in turn helps you innovate and think out of the box. When you can think differently, you can make choices and decisions that are unconventional. These unconventional choices and decisions are what will set you apart from the crowd and establish you as a leader rather than the led.

Education is not merely the acquiring of a degree; it is an enduring process that should have an effect on your thoughts and actions, even after you graduate. Your education can become a leadership training exercise only when you are an active participant in the process of opening your mind to knowledge, experiences and ideas.

We are very glad to bring to Kanpur Road Campus, Lucknow a champion of educational excellence. We present to you Seth M. R. Jaipuria School, where we put the student at the heart of the educational process. A student’s tenure at Jaipuria will be marked by a number of academic and non academic opportunities, each of which will help the student develop into a successful individual, true leader and above all good human being. From in-class sessions to field trips, from experiential learning to festivals and events, every day at Jaipuria is a day our students learn and develop.

A world of learning and a plethora of experiences await you within our school. Welcome to Seth M. R. Jaipuria School, Kanpur Road Campus, Lucknow! Welcome to your future.

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Mr. Atul Awasthi
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Mr. Anuj Awasthi
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