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Shree Jee International School has built up with a mission and vision to develop the region with skillful education. The need of the hour is not only to literate people for getting a degree or diploma but to emphasize on more creativity. The most challenging part in today’s education system in our country is lack of risk management which never allows student to plan and think. The Shree Jee Education have a plan to develop multiple intelligence to bring out the inherent talent of students. As per a research done by Sree Jee Educational Trust it has been understood that Chitrakoot and in its nearby vicinity students have lot of talent but unable to perform due to lack of motivational facilitators and scientific infrastructure. Shree Jee Education is bound to get the bestest faculties from All Over India. The team of Sree Jee International under the guidance of Dr. Surendra Agarwalji has developed the school’s infrastructure in such a way that no student should be deprived from their natural growth.


Shree Jee International school is built in 2.5 acres and it would be known by centre for holistic development. The school will function with a concept of residential school in near future where students will be taught with the strategy of blended curriculum on the ideas of Gurukul and 21st century’s technology. Further Jaipuria’s Edutech will add on this inspirational approach.


Aero Modelling, Book Binding, Carpentry,
Fabric Technology, Gardening, Metal Work,
Screen Printing


Drawing & Painting
Sculpting, Craft


Dance (Indian, Western) Music (Vocal, Instrumental)
Theatre (Hindi, English)


Athletics, Aquatics, Gymnastics Combatives
(Boxing, Taekwondo) Football, Hockey, Basketball, Horse Riding

At a Jaipuria School, students get a chance to get involved in a variety of activities and get hands on experience day in and day out. Our students add to life of the school. We understand that few years that a student spends with us would ‘shape or break’ that individual, so there is great power and greater responsibility in the hands of the School. The emphasis is to make it an interesting,

Sports & Games

Athletics, Aquatics, Gymnastics, Combatives (Boxing, Taekwondo) Football, Hockey & Basketball

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